The Reflex Protect mission is to enhance our customers’ safety by providing the best less-lethal self-defense and controlling force products on the market. Unfortunately, a select number of recent issues brought to our attention the possibility that some Presidia Gel units that do not meet our standards for efficacy and safety may have been distributed to customers.

Our tests indicate that certain Presidia Gel batches may contain one or more ingredients that are not part of the proper Presidia Gel formula. We raised the issue with our (now former) chemical supplier, which conducted its own inquiry and denies that there are any units that do not meet specifications or that may pose a potential hazard or liability to our customers or those they serve. Due to the inconsistency between our testing and the (former) supplier’s representations, in an abundance of caution, we have determined that a recall of certain product is in order.

Consistent therewith, Reflex Protect is now issuing a voluntary recall on certain Presidia Gel products to ensure optimal performance and safety. We believe the issue to be limited to the products below:



Lot 03CSGL31-21    Batch D-0121-B

Lot 11CSG23-21      Batch E-1322-A




MK-3s: I-2022-L EXP 09/2026 
E-1322-A EXP 5/2026 
B1822SZ EXP 02/26 


MK9s and MK20’s: All manufactured from 9/2022 – 1/2023.


Aerosol Reflex Remove

Lot 10RMV31-22 Batch I-2022-O

Further, as customer satisfaction and safety are our paramount concerns, if you have any questions, please contact us at recall@reflexprotect.com. Reflex Protect remains committed to the highest standards of product quality and customer service. 

To initiate return and replacement of recalled product, please select the product(s) that you will be returning. Enter the quantity for each product. When you submit your return order, we will send you a return label and a shipment of replacement product will be sent at no cost to you as the replacement cans are manufactured and tested for quality control.

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